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Direct Mail, Email, and Advertising Copywriting
And why not? I’ve been writing response-boosting email for many years and for a whole bunch of great clients, large and small. And with truly fabulous results. (For proof, scroll down to see what just a few of my many clients have to say about the results I’ve produced.)

Whatever kind of email you need, I can write it promptly and affordably. I’m talking about:

  • 3Com
  • Adaptec
  • Adobe
  • Asymetrix
  • Bacon’s Information
  • Deltek
  • eBags.com
  • EquipNet
  • Human Concepts
  • Intel
  • Intuit
  • Kemma Software
  • Lawson Software
  • Macromedia
  • Microsoft
  • Great Plains Software
  • MindJet
  • Pacific Edge Software (now Serena)
  • NetBooks
  • Nortel Networks
  • Pointsec (now Check Point)
  • Rational Software
  • RealNetworks
  • Sage Software
  • SoftServe
  • SpeeDev
  • Symantec Travelocity
  • VanDyke Software
  • Vocus On-Demand Software
  • Plenty more if you’d like to see them!
"Thanks for copywriting the terrific email invitation for our online seminar. The response rate was truly outstanding -- 300% better than we expected!"
Janice Harter
Dynamics Marketing Manager
Microsoft Great Plains Software
"I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your outstanding copywriting on our sponsor acquisition email campaign. We've been able to increase our Web sponsorship by 56% thanks to your contribution. Christian Children's Fund is in the process of upgrading our Web capabilities in order handle this increase in traffic -- one of those high-class problems we're so happy you've caused!"
Brian Gale Manager,
Advertising and Acquisitions
Christian Children's Fund
"The up-front response to the Abra Suite Management Buy-in Kit email campaign you wrote for Best Software was phenomenal! Within 48 hours the response rate was TRIPLE that of our control package. This email campaign generated more leads for our product in two short days than any other single lead generation has generated for us in a full year!"
Kathleen Litschgi
Senior Marketing Manager
Best Software (now Sage Software)
"Thanks for your HIGHLY motivating email letter that beat our control by 400%! Outstanding! And thanks for all your help over all these years. You are Lawson's proven money-maker!"
John Cook
Direct Marketing Manager
Lawson Software
"Ivan, I want you to know that the lead-generation letters and emails you've written for ACCPAC have been BIG winners and we are delighted with your efforts. All I can say is that I'm glad you're on OUR side!
Peter Labes
Director, Sales Tools
"I wanted to let you know that the content you wrote for our four email campaigns triggered an IMPRESSIVE response from our target market - way above industry average for us. We couldn't be more pleased. Your work is phenomenal!"
Diana Waterman
Director, Channel Marketing
Best Software (now Sage Software)
"The email letter that you wrote and that we sent to our customers worked better than I ever dreamed it could. Our click-thru rate was over 30%! We have been using your email letter for about five weeks now and we keep hitting that 30% number. By the way, eBags business is booming. We've grown at about 30% per week for 24 solid weeks and you've helped make that possible. I'm so glad you're on our team!"
Jon Nordmark
"The email you wrote for us was a huge hit -- the traffic and leads generated were hard to believe ...it had our sales people positively gleeful! Thanks again for a great job!"
Jeff Muschar
Kemma Software
"You doubled the rate of response which is no mean achievement! As you know, these leads are the lifeblood of our telesales efforts and any time we can boost the number of leads by 100% we are extremely grateful."
Richard Silton
Silton-Bookman Systems
“We used your copy for an email campaign in March and got great results -- about a 4% response rate (folks who downloaded the white paper), and 15 potential follow-up sales appointments -- excellent!”
Lori Heyman
"We were expecting about 200 responses to our e-mail but the one you wrote pulled in over 800 responses! Thanks, Ivan!"
Kate Staples
Marketing Programs Manager
"Our sales team is THRILLED with the e-mail you wrote for us. Response rates have jumped to over 10% and the quality of the leads are outstanding. You are number one with us!"
Michael Maloof
VP Marketing
TriGeo Network Security, Inc.

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