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What Clients Have to Say About Me:

"Thanks for copywriting the terrific e-mail invitation for our online seminar. The response rate was truly outstanding -- 300% better than we expected!"

Janice Harter
Marketing Manager
Microsoft Dynamic GP


"Thanks for your HIGHLY motivating e-mail letter that beat our control by 400%! Outstanding! And thanks for all your help over all these years. You are Lawson's proven money-maker!"

John Cook
Direct Marketing Manager
Lawson Software


"Thanks for your help in creating our 'Speed Guaranteed" ad and retail box . . . You'll be happy to hear that, in terms of reader response, this ad has been the most successful ad that AMD has ever run. Furthermore, the techniques that you suggested have resulted in an over 50% order rate on these responses."

Glen Burchers
Marketing Manager
Advanced Micro Devices


"I thought it appropriate to share some of the success measures that are directly attributable to your work. While our order rates are confidential, I can tell you that just one product in the Tiebreaker program generated more orders in one month than we expected of that product all year!"

Reed M. Hornberger
Program Manager


"The up-front response to the Abra Suite Management Buy-in Kit e-mail campaign you wrote for Best Software was phenomenal! Within 48 hours the response rate was TRIPLE that of our control package. This e-mail campaign generated more leads for our product in two short days than any other single lead generation program has generated for us in a full year!"

Kathleen Litschgi
Senior Marketing Manager
Best Software

"Just wanted you to know that the terrific lead generating direct mail piece you wrote for us did better than our old control by over 300%! You destroyed it and I'm delighted. This is a truly fabulous result and everyone at Stac is really excited by what you've achieved."

Tom Toperczer
Director of Marketing
Stac Software


"I’m thrilled to tell you that the direct mail piece you recently wrote promoting ADT security systems was an enormous success. You thrashed our control and we’re getting over 100% more leads. Thanks for a job magnificently done!"

Roland Gabor
ADS Security


"The e-mail letter that you wrote and that we sent to our customers worked better than I ever dreamed it could. Our click-thru rate was over 30%! We have been using your e-mail letter for about five weeks now and we keep hitting that 30% number. By the way, eBags business is booming. We've grown at about 30% per week for 24 solid weeks and you've helped make that possible. I'm so glad you're on our team!"

Jon Nordmark


"Thanks for doing such a wonderful job on our direct marketing projects these past few months. The Rational Rose mailer you wrote last December was our most successful direct marketing mailer to date, with a nearly 12% response rate. As I've told you previously, working with you has dramatically improved our direct marketing results -- your expertise has enabled us to take our promotional programs to the next level!"

Lori Heyman
Marketing Communications Director
Rational Software


"Ivan is the best direct marketing copywriter I've ever worked with. Ivan taught me what works and what doesn't which helped me build a $30,000,000 a year headsets business from scratch. Hire Ivan if you want results."

Mike Faith


"Ivan Levison is my first choice for any direct mail or advertising assignment -- period. As anyone in the software industry can tell you, he knows the business inside and out, has wonderful enthusiasm, and cares. And he's a heck of a nice guy to boot!"

Geoffrey Moore
Author of Crossing The Chasm and Inside The Tornado


"Ivan Levison stands out as a true industry visionary. He has a deep understanding of how direct marketing influences technology purchasing. It's hard to imagine a product or service that can't increase its sales by hiring Ivan."

Seth Godin
Author of Permission Marketing


"Ivan Levison is high tech's leading direct mail copywriter."

David Webster
Software Business Magazine


"Ivan Levison writes powerful, persuasive selling-copy that gets results. He's a proven moneymaker for his clients!"

Jeff Tarter
Editor Emeritus, "Softletter"


"When it comes to copywriting, all the top software companies know that Ivan Levison is the go-to guy. He's their secret weapon!"

Merrill R. "Rick" Chapman
Author of "The Product Marketing Handbook for Software"
and Publisher of "Softletter"


"I am writing to thank you for the fabulous job you did for Apple Computer! Your incisive marketing thinking played an important role in our success. So did the exceptional script you wrote for Dick Cavett, your skillful direction of him on the set in L.A., and the impactful collateral materials you developed. On behalf of everyone at Apple, let me thank you again for your important contributions to the success of our project!"

Fred R. Hayden
Sales Promotion Manager
Apple Computer


“Ivan Levison is one of the nation's top direct mail copywriters.”

Jay Conrad Levinson
Author of "Guerilla Marketing"


"In 30 years working in direct marketing, I’ve never encountered a copywriter who has a better way with words than Ivan Levison. He’s a genius at translating often complex ideas into simple, hard-hitting language."

Mal Warwick
Author, How to Write Successful Fundraising Letters
Founder and Chairman,
Mal Warwick Associates

"When I was VP Marketing for a firm selling bar code software for ERP systems, Ivan Levison helped us stand out from the crowd and sell $20 million worth of software. He is the master when it comes to generating hot, qualified leads."

Gordon Graham
Editor, SoftwareCEO.com


"At Intuit, we've made a commitment to head-to-head testing of creative resources. Ivan's performance versus other copywriters makes him popular with our direct marketers. They also say nice things about how easy he is to work with and how quickly he "gets it." But that stuff wouldn't matter without Ivan's demonstrated outstanding performance."

Bill Mirbach
Vice President, Direct Marketing and Direct Sales


"Ivan takes dull Web pages, transforms them, and makes them come alive. He really knows how to write compelling Web copy!"

Derek Brown
Web Creative Services


"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your assistance in helping us launch the Intel Inside Program. The copywriting you did was outstanding. As usual, we always rely on you to help us clearly and crisply articulate our thoughts."

Cindy Tsuyemura
Program Manager
Intel Corporation


"The project was an overwhelming success and I would like to thank you for your contribution. I look forward to working with you again. To a true professional, many thanks!."

Peter Wellman
Chairman, Global Sales Conference Committee
Bank of America


"I am writing to thank you for the great job you've done for Netscape. The pieces you wrote on Amazon.com, The New York Times, the Chicago Board of Trade, the College Board, and other sites were right on target. You did a great job of transferring the hard-hitting direct mail style you're known for, to a writing style that works well on the World Wide Web."

Elyssa Edwards
Netscape Commerce Marketing Manager


"We loved the copywriting you did for our Risk Management Services. Once again you did a great job for us and we appreciate it!"

James H. Wandzilak
Assistant Vice President, Director of Marketing
Fireman’s Fund Insurance Companies


"I am writing to thank you for the marvelous scriptwriting job you did for us here at Pacific Gas and Electric. Your program was shown to members of the White House staff and members of the Department of Energy. The response was extraordinary!"

Fred J. Regan
Conservation Representative
Pacific Gas and Electric


"Your writing skill has helped us meet many tight time constraints. Believe me, it really makes my life nice when a high-level or executive manager views our marcom programs and showers accolades right in the middle of quarterly and sector reviews."

Maggie Foresee-Greise
Marketing Communications Manager


"After all the great copy you've written for us, I felt is was about time that we wrote to tell you how pleased we have been with your work. Our most recent piece got a TERRIFIC response,and we are convinced that the improvement was a direct result of your copy. You are a real pleasure to work with and you always meet our deadlines. We are very satisfied customers!"

Doug Chalmers
Marketing Programs Manager
SunSoft, A Sun Microsystems Business


"Ivan, I want you to know that the lead-generation letters and emails you've written for ACCPAC have been big winners and we are delighted with your efforts. All I can say is that I'm glad you're on OUR side!"

Peter Labes
ACCPAC, Sales Tools


"Thanks so much for the powerful sales letter you wrote for Fujitsu Software! I want you to know that it was extraordinarily effective and the response rates exceeded our expectations. Fabulous job!"

Ron J. Langer
Director, COBOL Sales and Marketing
Fujitsu Software


"Ivan, thank you for the tremendous work you put into our direct mail programs over the last few years. We've not only seen high inquiry rates (sometimes double-digit), but have turned many of these prospects into high-quality business opportunities. Your outstanding commitment to our business success is much appreciated!"

Kathy Damiani
Symbol Technologies


"The four email campaigns you wrote for Best Software triggered an impressive response. Two of the campaigns delivered close to three percent response rates. That is WAY above industry average. Your work is phenomenal!"

Diana Waterman
Director, Channel Marketing
Best Software

"Ivan Levison is a remarkable direct mail copywriter who has the alchemist's touch. He turns words into money."

Daniel Heimlich
Vice President, Marketing


"We were expecting about 200 responses to our e-mail but the one you wrote pulled in over 800 responses! Thanks, Ivan!"

Kate Staples
Marketing Programs Manager


"Recently we used your fax-back format for an important mailing and we
are extremely pleased with the results. Not only did we get DOUBLE the
response rate of our standard direct mail piece, we received the bulk of
the leads much sooner than with our other mailings. I heartily recommend
your talents to anyone looking to produce a successful direct mail

Lee Wilson
Vice President Marketing & Business Development
Chancery Software


"Your work with us over the past few months has transformed the quality of our direct mail campaigns . . . We have all been impressed by your ability to create copy that consistently generates response and sales."

Peggy Wagner Kimble
Director of Channel and Direct Marketing
Software Publishing Corporation


"Ivan Levison is one of the industry's true gurus of direct response. His insight and experience have resulted in outstanding results for Asymetrix in advertising, direct mail, and Internet-based direct e-mail. What sets Ivan apart is his ability to dig to the core of your message, then communicate it in a way that makes your target audience respond - and in dramatic fashion!

I specially like the fact that I get to work with Ivan directly. There's no intermediary and that means you get a top quality job done fast -- and as a bonus he's fun to work with. I recommend Ivan to any company that wants to transform its direct response results!"

Frank Coyle
Director of Multimedia Marketing


"As you know, the direct mail letter you wrote for us a while back for our FAS software was tested against our Control Letter last October and November. The Control Letter had beaten every test package we mailed since August of 1995. Well the numbers don't lie! Your letter pulled better on the front end, but the real story lies in the booked rate for units sold. You letter exhibited a 203% lift over our Control Package! Congratulations!"

Jennifer Saunders
Director, Direct Marketing
Best Software


"I wanted to dash off a quick 'thank you' for the terrific job you did on our recent direct mail piece. The response to the promotion has been overwhelming. Our toll-free number logged over 4,000 calls in the first five weeks of the promotion. I've had to hire additional telemarketing individuals to help us handle the increased call load."

Shelley Harrison
Marketing Manager


"Thank you for your terrific work on the ManagePro direct response advertisement that we recently ran in Fortune Magazine and The Wall Street Journal . . . Our phones have been running off the hook day and night (and weekends too!). Your work has been a major contributor to our record sales and we look forward to designing many more direct response campaigns together."

W. Norman Wu
President and CEO
Avantos Performance Systems


"Ivan recently wrote a direct mail piece that produced a response rate
that was EIGHT TIMES BETTER than our control mailing response rate.
Ivan really understands direct mail copywriting. He is extremely
responsive and makes the whole process a pleasure. In short, he gets it,
gets it done quickly, and the results are superb!"

Jim Dunnigan
Former Vice President of Marketing
Pacific Edge Software


"We are absolutely delighted with the copy you wrote for
our new ad and appreciate your contribution. Initial customer
reaction has been outstanding. Our telemarketing team informs
me that the phone calls started pouring in the day the ad first
hit the street!"

Carol Luebke
Advertising Coordinator
Hewlett-Packard Company


"I wanted to let you know what a great pleasure it has been working with you for the past two years on a variety of projects. Your knowledge of direct marketing and the industry has been a very positive contribution. Your patience and positive attitude are greatly appreciated. I look forward to working with you again in the near future!"

Bobbie Maselli
Direct Marketing
Hewlett-Packard Company


"I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your professionalism and responsiveness. I can always depend on you to complete a writing project on time and on budget. Your copy is crisp and reader-friendly. Many thanks for all your help."

Lou Cobb
U.S. Market & Sales Development Manager
Hewlett-Packard Company


"On behalf of everyone at Information Software, I want to thank you so much for the wonderful lead generation self-mailers you created for us . . . I would estimate that you have increased the number of leads we receive by over 125%. Not only has the quantity increased but the quality of the leads your copy generated was so good that our revenue increased by 80% and operating profit is up 250%."

Ed Forman
Information Software


"Words are inadequate to express my appreciation for your abilities. The ad you created for us has DOUBLED the number of inquiries we are receiving. Congratulations! There is more than just the quality of the ad. Your responsiveness makes working with you a pleasure. Most times, you respond to our suggestions on the same day. In my experience, this is unprecedented. Talent AND timeliness -- what a combination!"

Vince Taylor
Vermont Creative Software


"You doubled the rate of response which is no mean achievement! As you know, these leads are the lifeblood of our telesales efforts and any time we can boost the number of leads by 100% we are extremely grateful."

Richard Silton
Silton-Bookman Systems


"This is a 'rave' letter to let you know how much GCA appreciates your help with our direct mail campaigns. Your expertise has lifted our returns from the industry norm to a spectacular 12% response rate . . . We're happy to have you on our side."

Salvatore Caronna
Geotechnical Computer Applications


"Thank you for your work on behalf of Language Engineering Corporation . . . In just three weeks, the mailing generated more sales leads than we received in the previous seven months."

Glenn Akers, Ph.D.
Language Engineering Corporation


"You were right! We're getting an overwhelming response to our latest mailing and I'm sure the letter you wrote for us is the reason. I really enjoy working with a true professional like you!"

Larry Daniele
Advanced Graphics Software


"The return from the mailing was fantastic! Of the names on our list, 14% responded. Heartfelt thanks for the major boost to our visibility among potential clients."

Dr. Louise H. Booth
Manager, Scanner Marketing Research
Safeway Stores


"Ivan Levison is the technology industry's foremost direct response copywriter. Ivan's gold-plated client list and extensive experience with both direct mail and e-mail set him apart. Simply stated, his copy gets results... In fact, he often DOUBLES the response for my client's mailings!"

Jeff Wilkins
Chairman & CEO
MarketModels, Inc.


"Thank you! The online ad and jump-page you just wrote for us resulted in a 100% increase in the number of White Papers people downloaded from our Web site. Great job!"

Beth Carney
Director, Marketing Communications
Resilience Corporation


"The e-mail you wrote for us was a huge hit -- the traffic and leads generated were hard to believe ...it had our sales people positively gleeful! Thanks again for a great job!"

Jeff Muschar
Kemma Software


"Our sales team is THRILLED with the e-mail you wrote for us. Response rates have jumped to over 10% and the quality of the leads are outstanding. You are number one with us!"

Michael Maloof
VP Marketing
TriGeo Network Security, Inc.

"The direct mail package you wrote for Foundation Software beat our old efforts by a mile. So glad you could work with us!

Tracie Kuczkowski
Director of Marketing
Foundation Software

"I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your outstanding copywriting on our sponsor acquisition email campaign. We've been able to increase our Web sponsorship by 56% thanks to your contribution. Christian Children's Fund is in the process of upgrading our Web capabilities in order handle this increase in traffic -- one of those high-class problems we're so happy you've caused!"

Brian Gale
Manager, Advertising and Acquisitions
Christian Children's Fund


"The best direct response copywriting I have seen comes from Ivan Levison. I used him to both help with copy, and as a consultant to train a new internal copywriter. After every session with Ivan, my copywriter came to me and expressed her excitement about all of the exciting information she was learning. Her first direct mail piece, under Ivan¹s guidance, had a 43% response rate."

Ted Finch
VP Marketing
HRW (Harcourt)


"Ivan has done some great copywriting/consulting work for me and I would absolutely recommend his services! He is very thorough, concise, and driven to provide the best delivery of products and services for those he does business with."

Laura Guntren
Direct Marketing Manager


"Ivan is smart, focused and knows how to write persuasive no-fluff copy that sells. Over the years our company, Alpha Software has used Direct Mail extensively to produce profitable revenue. Ivan does this stuff for breakfast, lunch and dinner. He GETS IT, and as an added bonus, he is a pleasure to work with."

Richard Rabins
Alpha Software


"Ivan is the source when it comes to direct response. He understands the psychology of direct marketing better than anyone I know and taught a lot of what I know on the subject. When I need assistance with a campaign I pick up the phone to Ivan first."

Martin Sacks


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