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who should write your next sales letter, e-mail or ad?

Someone in your company.

I'm the first to admit it. No one knows your product better than you do.

But understanding every arcane feature of your software or hardware doesn't mean you know how to sell it effectively in a letter or an e-mail.

Luckily, I do.

In fact, I've been writing profit-building direct mail and advertising copy for over twenty years. For companies like Apple, Adobe, Intuit, Claris, Hewlett-Packard, Intel, 3Com, Microsoft, Netscape, SunSoft, and Sybase.

If you, or someone down the hall, is thinking about writing a sales letter, e-mail, upgrade package, or advertising copy, maybe it's time to give me a call.

I'll write you an envelope that gets opened, a letter that gets read, and an e-mail that gets sent back to you. What's more, I'll do it all quickly and at a remarkably affordable price.

Give me a call and find out why Jeff Tarter, Publisher of Softletter, says "Ivan Levison writes powerful, persuasive selling-copy that gets results. He's a proven moneymaker for his clients!"

A full-service agency.

If you need it all, soup to nuts, an advertising or direct mail agency makes a lot of sense.

They can help you with list selection or media placement, full creative, and account service (including a wonderful lunch).

My specialty is copywriting. Pure and simple.

When I write your direct mail or e-mail, you get a savvy, experienced, and easy-to-work-with professional. Without the hard sell and the lofty overhead. (I work from a lovely office in my home in Marin county, just north of San Francisco.)

Another thing to consider. When you work with an agency, you may fall in love with the talented owner, but discover that the copywriting is actually being done by some junior writer in the back room.

When you work with me, you get me. I answer the phone. I write every word of copy myself. I am totally accessible and will never accept an assignment unless I can give it my full attention. David Webster, the publisher of Software Publisher magazine called me "the software industry's leading direct mail copywriter."

Give me a call and I'll show you why.


If you've got terrific copywriters in house, or are delighted with your advertising agency, you're in good shape. If, however, you want to order some great copywriting talent a la carte, give me a call.

I know how to motivate readers and make them respond in record numbers. No wonder Intel, Microsoft, SunSoft, and all my other wonderful clients call on me to solve their toughest communications problems. They know that my direct mail and ad copy gets results and makes them money. It's as simple as that.

When I start working on your sales letter, e-mail, or other project, you know you're getting the benefit of all my years of knowledge and experience. (This includes over twenty years of direct mail and advertising test results that are stored in my personal database!)

If you want to explore new ways of dramatically increasing sales by unlocking the power of motivating copy, I urge you to call immediately.

Let's go to work!

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