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October, 2010

Meet my client, Murray Bradford.

Murray is a distinguished Certified Public Accountant and the founder of the Bradford Tax Institute. One of the institute's biggest money-makers is an online newsletter written for the one-person business owner.

It's called the Tax Reduction Letter and it's been selling well for years. However Murray felt that his landing page was flat and boring. He was convinced that an improved landing page would generate more free trials and, ultimately, more subscriptions.

So he came to me. I rewrote the key landing page from the ground up and worked with my favorite Web graphic designer, David Safanda, to create what we believed was a highly impactful, motivating landing page.

What kind of results did we get for the client?

Here's a note we just received from Murray Bradford:

"Ivan and David, you really hit the jackpot for us with your new landing page. Free trials are up over 500% and new paid subscriptions are up 300%!

How did we get these fabulous results? Well, let's start with David Safanda's terrific design. Clean. Readable. Black type on a white background. Design that never gets in the way of the messaging.

And, if I do say so myself, my benefits-oriented headline draws the reader in and is supported by energetic, motivating copy. The results speak for themselves.

If you have a home page or landing page that's in need of reworking, give me a call at (415) 461-0672 and let's talk about how I can do some money-making writing for you. You'd be amazed at the kind of outstanding results I get for my clients -- and at extremely affordable prices.


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