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May, 2010

A lot of my business comes from the Web. Which means a high Google ranking on relevant search terms, is incredibly important to me. The search term I care about most is "Email copywriting."


CLICK HERE and you'll see that for that search term ("Email copywriting") I actually come up in first position . . . number 1 out of 1,260,000 entries.


How did I get this terrific first-place Google ranking?


I'll tell you the answer in two words . . . Mary O'Brien.

Mary is the founder of the B2B Search Strategy Conference which takes place next month in San Francisco on June 23. She is, in my book, the expert on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and has taught me everything I know about the subject. If SEO is important to you, and I think it should be, CLICK HERE for conference details. NOTE: I have no financial interest in the B2B Search Strategy Conference; I just think it's a "must attend" event.


I told Mary that I was going to focus on SEO in this issue of the Levison Letter and asked her to answer this question. "If someone wants to optimize their Web site for the search engines, what's the first five things you'd tell them to do."


Here's her advice in her own words . . .


#1. Develop a Relevant Keyword List


Developing an effective keyword strategy for B2B SEO can be very

challenging. Start with a brainstorming session and pull together as large a

list as you can. Try to include every term possible that a potential

prospect might search on. Focus more on broad keywords and don't get caught up in industry or company brand lingo. Think of all the types of products and services you sell.


#2.  Decide which phrases to target


Once you've created your list of potential keywords, you need to discover

how popular those terms are. Use a tool like Wordstream or Google's Traffic Estimator to find out the historical popularity of those keywords or take

the data from your AdWords campaign and extrapolate, based on searches and ROI. This will give you a better idea of the most relevant terms to target for your SEO.


#3. Create content to match the keywords


Develop pages that specifically focus on each term you have selected with

good site architecture around each one. Try to speak to prospects' needs in

your copy, but also consider the search engines and what they are looking

for when they crawl your site. Watch your word order, singulars and plurals

and the length of your copy. Longer copy is typically better for B2B

prospects as it allows you to provide education on your product or service.

Search Engines also appreciate longer copy and you have an opportunity to

position your keyword more frequently within it.


#4. Focus on your external links


Establish a good linking strategy by thinking of all the ways you can reach

your audience through your content. Post on article sites, tweet, blog, have

company members appear as guest bloggers, distribute white papers, create webinars and case studies around your articles and products, etc. Anything that can position your company as a thought leader is a good thing especially if it provides a link back to your site.


#5. Focus on your internal links


Work all of these extra content pages into your navigation. Some of these

pages will be accessible through your site-wide navigation while others may

be in the sub-navigation of a particular section or only be available

through text links in the body copy of a page. Keep the content pages for

your most targeted and highly searched terms closest to the home page with the least amount of clicks to get to them. Content pages related to less relevant, more obscure, or niche terms can be accessed from deeper in your site.



Need me to write a letter, email, Web copy, whatever? Want to talk about search engine optimizing your Web site? Give me a call at (415) 461-0672 and let's talk. My fees are affordable and my copywriting can make you money. CLICK HERE for proof!


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