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Four ways to overcome buyer skepticism
December, 2015
If you're responsible for email, direct mail, or other marketing materials, you have to face an unpleasant fact.
Most of your prospects don't want to hear from you.
Every day they're bombarded with marketing messages, which makes them skeptical about your product and promises.
Nope. You must recognize that you are an unwelcome intruder who has the difficult job of turning skeptical readers into paying customers.
How do you go about meeting this very real challenge?
Let me share just four techniques that can help you overcome the inevitable sales resistance all marketers face:
1. Explain what you are not.

If you know that your prospect harbors some doubts about your offer, deal with them! Meet the skepticism head on and you can overcome it.
For example, let's say you want the prospect to download your software for a free trial and you know they may be thinking that you're offering a watered-down version. Be very direct, anticipate their concern, and tell them what's
going on:

"We're not going to send you a light-weight, watered-down, "junior" version of our software. You're going to receive the actual, fully-functional working product that's setting the pace for the entire industry. Don't miss this FREE trial offer while you are still eligible!"

Or suppose you're offering a free "Guide" loaded with valuable information. Your reader may think that they're going to get nothing but a bloated brochure. So talk to them directly:

"IMPORTANT: I want you to know that Anonotech's "Guide To Software Product Development" isn't a glitzy sales piece. It's a document designed to share some of the valuable lessons we've learned "on the battlefield" and outline some crucial standards and best practices that I know you'll find of real value."

2. Give them the facts.
It doesn't pay to get cute. Busy people want the facts. So be direct and lay out the facts in numbered order. If you ever have a few copy points sitting around that can't be integrated too smoothly into the body copy, a facts list lets you shoe-horn them in -- and with a lot of impact.
"Why is it so important for you to hear what we've got to say? Let me give you just three facts you should consider carefully:
Fact #1: We'll show you how to prove security due diligence to regulators, investors, and business partners.
Fact #2: You'll learn how to dramatically reduce risk while minimizing inconvenience to your users.
Fact #3: We'll show you how to address proliferating government and industry standards for information security and privacy."

3. Tell them to "see for themselves."
Instead of merely asserting that that your product is the greatest, tell the prospect not to believe you and to check things out personally.
"But don't take my word for how terrific Anonotech really is. All I ask is the chance to prove that we can solve some of the toughest problems you face every day. So download your free . . ."
Or . . .
"But don't take my word for it. Prove to yourself why AnonotechPlus is such a hit with project managers at Intel, Motorola, and Hughes Aircraft. Call 1-800-123-1234 right now, or visit our Web site at I'll see that you get a trial copy absolutely risk free."

4. Make a personal promise.
If you believe in your product, lay your own credibility on the line. How about ending a sales letter this way . . .
"AnonotechPlus is a product you really have to see to appreciate. It will transform the way you work and make your life a whole lot easier. Believe me, you won't be disappointed when you put it to the test, risk free. In fact, I personally guarantee it!"
The take-away messages this month? First, be aware that your readers are extremely skeptical and that this is a BIG problem. Second, take active steps to reduce their doubts and mistrust. If you keep your eyes on the prize and work hard to overcome their skepticism, response rates will soar.

Want me to make your response rates soar? Easy. Have me write your next homepage, webinar invitation, email, landing page, sales letter, you name it. Let's go to work!
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