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Best words to use in a subject line

August, 2013


It doesn't matter how terrific your email is. If it doesn't get opened you won't make the sale.

What gets an email opened?

The answer of course is . . . the subject line. Which is why I suggest you check out a new report from a British company called MarketProfs. The name of their document is:


"The Most (and Least) Effective Keywords in Email Subject Lines"


Want to check out their findings?


NOTE: If you open to a Web page which asks you to sign up, don't! Just hit the close button at the bottom-right of the page and you'll go straight to the free report.


click here  

MarketProfs' research report is based on an analysis of over 2.2 billion emails and makes interesting reading.


Here are some of the findings you might find of interest . . .

  • "Emails with the word 'alert' in their subject lines have a 38.1% higher-than-average open rate."
  • "The keywords 'free delivery' has a +50.7% higher open rate."
  • "The keyword 'bulletin' has a +15.8% higher open rate."
  • "On the other hand 'report' has a -23.7% average lower open rate."
  • And "the keyword 'learn' has a -35.5% average lower open rate."

When you CLICK HERE you'll be able to check out all their findings.


A Caveat: When I review a research report, I always check out the methodology that's used. As far as I can tell, MarketProfs doesn't provide information about how they conducted the study nor do they adequately define their terms. Still, I think the report is worth checking out. Some of the results are quite surprising!




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