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How to write a winning webinar invitation
So you're ready to create a webinar featuring your new product.
You've decided on a date and time, and your product manager is going to demo all your product's cool features.
Terrific. But the truth of the matter is, getting people to attend your webinar is never an easy task.
Nope. If someone is going to attend your webinar these days, they really have to be motivated. And the place to motivate them is in your invitation.
In fact, I've always believed that the best measure of a copywriter's skill is how well they write webinar invitations. If they can get someone to actually give up an hour and attend, they're pretty darned good!
Let's take a look at part of an actual webinar invitation email sent by a well-known software company and see how the copywriter handles the job. I'll quote a section that takes up most of the email. (The company's name has been changed.)
Still trying to decide if you'll attend? Here are five reasons why you should register now for this event:
1. You'll learn how to acquire, retain and satisfy more customers using proven solutions from the ecommerce industry leader: HotData Software Solutions.
2. You'll discover new ways to build strong customer relationships through your call center by utilizing phone, e-mail, and Web resources.
3. You'll learn to integrate ecommerce with your channel strategy for successful direct and indirect sales.
4. You'll find out how you can increase revenue, improve customer satisfaction, and boost employee productivity 15%-21%.
5. You can attend free, but you must register right away.
So what do you think?
In my opinion, there's plenty of room for improvement.
For example, what about the tone of the copy? It's okay but not enthusiastic enough. It's not brimming with the energy you need to really get people moving.
Here . . . I'll rewrite the passage and turn up the volume:
Still trying to decide if you should attend this important HotData Solutions event?
Here are just five fabulous reasons for registering now at HotData Software
In just sixty minutes you'll learn . . .
1. Six proven ways to recruit new and highly qualified customers. (It's worth attending our free event for this information alone!)
2. The secret of building till-death-do-us-part customer relationships. (We'll show you how to use phone, email, and Web resources to serve your customers in brand new, profitable ways!)
3. How to integrate ecommerce with your current channel strategy. (We've got practical ideas for dramatically increasing direct and indirect sales!)
4. Four ways to increase revenue, improve customer satisfaction, and boost employee productivity by over 20% - all within 10 months. (This isn't hype or overpromise. We'll show you how you can actually do it!)
5. Why companies like American Glass, Continental Foods, United Trucking, and other forward-looking companies are our valued clients. Listen to Bill Jackson, President of American Glass: "A HotData Software Solutions webinar is an event not to be missed. If you're serious about staying competitive, their information-packed webinar is for you!"
Do the webinar invitations I write really generate more sign-ups? Here's what just one of my clients has to say:
"Thanks for copywriting the terrific email invitation for our webinar. The response rate was truly outstanding -- 300% better than we expected!"
Janice Harter
Marketing Manager
Microsoft Dynamic GP
The take-away message this month?
If you're preparing a webinar, and don't want to wind up talking to four people, pull out the stops and write an enthusiastic invitation loaded with benefits.
Here's an even better idea . . . get in touch and have me write your next webinar invitation, email, home page, landing page, sales letter, you name it. Let's go to work!


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