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September, 2009

I just saw a commercial for Jello and was struck by the way they "positioned" their widely-used product.
They could have positioned Jello as:
  • The delicious dessert
  • The inexpensive dessert
  • The low-calorie dessert
  • The all-American dessert
. . . and so on. Instead, the tag line of the commercial asked the following question:

"Why just make a snack? Make fun!"

So there you have it. The Jello folks thought long and hard about what they were actually selling and decided that the most compelling answer was "fun."
Or let's take a look at a recent commercial for Golden Corral restaurants. What are they selling? Great food? Low prices? Not really. The tagline for their TV spot urges the viewer to "Help yourself to happiness." The payoff, it turns out, isn't the steak or the shrimp but "happiness."
Let me give you one more example of how sophisticated marketers are selling unexpected benefits.
Orville Redenbacher's popcorn just started running four nationwide TV spots with the tagline "Spending time together: That's the power of Orville Redenbacher."
So what's great about Orville's popcorn? Not the flavor, not the low calories, not the fiber, not the low cost. Nope. The surprising benefit that the brand is touting is togetherness.
So what's the point of all this?
Simply, that it pays to think about what you are actually selling. Is it the obvious features/benefits of your product or service, or can you dig deeper and discover more emotionally true benefits that resonate with the prospect?
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