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How to get close to your customer -

A case study

November, 2012

I wanted to buy some polo shirts the other day and went up to the Land's End web site to see what they had to offer.


Not surprisingly, there at the top of the web page was a colorful photo of three stacks of polo shirts.


What was very surprising to me was the headline printed over the photo. Check it out . . .




Sure, Land's End is focusing on quality, but they're giving their headline a nice anti-snobbish twist.


When they say that you don't need "a tiny creature on your chest," (i.e. a fancy designer logo) they're confirming with a conspiratorial wink that you're a Land's End kind of person; the kind of down-to-earth individual who doesn't need to show off a designer label to feel good about who they are.


Interesting. Land's End is writing off status-seeking shoppers, perhaps even alienating them. But that's okay. Land's End knows they're not talking to the Gucci crowd. They're selling to people who listen to A Prairie Home Companion, buy organic food, and own Golden Retrievers. (That's not a put-down. I'm one of them!)


The point is, Land's End stays very close to their customers. They know their demographics, psychographics, purchase histories, you name it. Which means their copywriters can get close to their customers too. Just the way they did in the example above.


So . . . in closing, let me ask you these three important questions . . .


Are you close to your customers?


Do you really understand who they are and what motivates them?


Is your copywriter exploiting this knowledge and using it to generate leads and sales?


If not, now's the time to do something about it. Stop writing dead-end copy and start writing Land's End copy. Then watch your sales take off!




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