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Thirty email offers you can use now!

If you use email as a marketing channel, you know how important it is to come up with compelling offers.


It's not always easy. Coming up with great offers that get the cash register ringing is always a challenge.


In fact, there's an old joke that makes the point well . . .


A retailer is stuck. He just can't think of a fresh offer that will draw customers into his store. He's already tried a Lincoln's Day Sale, a Washington Day's Sale, and a Presidents Day Sale. Finally, in desperation, he comes up with a new offer . . . A Benedict Arnold Forgive-and-Forget Sale.


If you are looking for a new offer, I urge you to check out a free article from Constant Contact. It provides brief explanations of thirty effective email offers you can put to work now.


Will all thirty be appropriate for your business? No. But even if you pick up a handful of ideas you really like, you're way ahead of the game.


To check out Constant Contact's FREE article titled

"30 Email Ideas for When You're Not Sure What to Send"


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Once you've decided on your offer, here's the next step to take . . .


Give me a call. I specialize in writing motivating emails that get prospects to
actRemember, you can have a terrific offer, but if your copywriter isn't using best practices and doesn't know how to sell, you're in big trouble.


So accept my invitation . . .


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To see what I can do for you,

just like I've done for Intel, Microsoft,

Intuit, and a bunch of small companies too!


Then give me a call at (415) 461-0672 and let me quote on your next email project. I can also help with Web pages, direct mail, and a lot more.


Let's go to work!

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