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Five ways to make your
fulfillment piece irresistible
March, 2011


Do you plan on generating leads through a direct mail or e-mail campaign?


Will you be offering a fulfillment piece that can be downloaded from your Web site or sent via snail-mail?


Then you had better use a little imagination and creativity!


You see, the days of telling the prospect that they can get a free "White Paper" are just about over. At least for successful companies. The White Paper, as an offer, is so overused, so tired and flat, that I urge my clients to try something different.


Let's take a look at five ways to make your next fulfillment piece so enticing that prospects will just HAVE to request it:


1. Give it a compelling title.


For starters, instead of calling your document a White Paper, make the offer more exciting and lively. The goal is to make prospects feel that they MUST read what you've got waiting for them!




Free White Paper on Network Security




Get your Free Guide:

"How to stop hackers, crackers, snoops, and kooks

from bringing down your network."

(They're trying to do it right now!)




Free White Paper: "Improving Warehouse Productivity"




Free for warehouse managers -

"Seven proven ways to manage your warehouse better!"




Free White Paper: "Reducing Medical Malpractice





Being sued for malpractice can damage your livelihood,

your family, and your reputation.

Our "Free Guide For Concerned Physicians" can show you

how to stay out of court and out of trouble!


2. Tell the prospect what they'll learn.


Be sure to let the reader know what specific information they'll find in the fulfillment piece. Go to town and tell them, in detail, all about the "must read" information that's waiting for them.


For example, if you're offering a free brochure titled "Unlocking the Power of Contact Management Software." You could use descriptive bullets like these:


+ How to turn the business cards in your drawer into a

winning sales campaign. It's worth requesting your free

brochure for this section alone! (Page 2.)


+ Five ways to get a flood of great new leads coming down

the pipeline! (Page 4.)


+ Three techniques for closing sales in half the time!

(Page 5.)


+ How to launch a money-making, non-spamming, e-mail sales

campaign with just three clicks of your mouse. (Page 6.)


+ The four biggest mistakes salespeople make -- and how

to avoid them! (Page 8.)


+ How five real-life salespeople used our software to

increase their income by 35% -- and how you can too!

(Page 11.)


3. Design the cover for maximum impact.


Use large type on the cover of your fulfillment piece. That way, when you reproduce it on an envelope, letter, or HTML e-mail, it will be easy to read.


4. Use call-outs or captions to highlight reasons for

requesting your fulfillment piece.


Link these call-outs or captions to a photo of the fulfillment piece.


5. Emphasize that there's no cost or obligation.


Be sure to state that your fulfillment piece is absolutely free. "There's no cost. No obligation. Nothing to buy."


The take-away message this month? It isn't just what's in your fulfillment piece that counts. How well you motivate the prospect to request it in the first place is also vitally important!


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