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Eight ways to generate more leads
January, 2018

What do marketers covet and crave?

Leads! High-quality leads that can be poured into the sales funnel and transformed into profitable sales.

If you want your marketing materials to generate a lot more leads, I've got eight time-tested ideas for you. And here they are . . .

1. Include your offer in the headline.

Readers are moving quickly and won't stick around waiting for you to get to the point. If you want them to take advantage of an offer, say so right from the get-go:

"Announcing a FREE software trial offer for accountants who manage fixed assets!"

2. Expand on the offer in the subheadline.

There's no law that says you have to write a headline and then jump directly to the body copy. A nice little subheadline can flesh things out:

"Announcing a FREE software trial offer for accountants who manage fixed assets!

(Here's your chance to try our award-winning software without paying a penny!)"

3. Explain the offer early in your letter.

It is a big mistake to wait until the end of the email/web page/letter before explaining the offer. Again, it's a fact of life that readers want you to get to the point quickly, so let them know what you've got to offer immediately:

"Dear Ivan:

I'm writing with a free offer that can help you solve some of the toughest ISP management problems you face every day . . .

If you contact Anonotech immediately, I'll send you a copy of our fact-filled "Complete Guide To Effective ISP Management" absolutely free.

This must-read 12-page document shares the vitally important lessons we've learned. . ." etc.

4. Include the word "Free."

You know this rule of course. So tell me why this magic word isn't used more widely in marketing materials. Hey, it works!

5. Stress the fact that your offer has no strings attached.

Very important. Your readers want to know that if they respond, they won't be hounded in the future. So be sure to let them know:

"Please remember that there is nothing to buy and no risk or obligation of any kind."

6. Include an image of your offer.

101 Ways to Double Your Response Rates
If you've got a white paper, a report, an information kit, a free anything, show it. An image of your fulfillment piece makes the offer real.

The picture can appear on a web page, envelope, letter, reply form, etc. 

The image tells the reader what they're going to get and why it's worth requesting the offer!

7. Give your fulfillment piece a compelling name.

Whatever you do, don't make a bland offer. Give your offer a name and sell it!

WRONG: Get our free report now.

RIGHT: Get our free report, "Five Ways To Protect Your Precious Data!"

WRONG: Request your free Information Kit.

RIGHT: Don't miss our free Information Kit, "How To Choose An ERP Solution - A Practical Guide For IT Managers."

8. Make it a "limited-time" offer.

One of the ways to get your readers to act is to create a sense of urgency. So give them a deadline. (You can always contact them later and say that due to incredible demand, you're extending the deadline.)

If you want to generate more leads or sales, I can help. Need an email, letter, home page, or landing page written? Or anything else? Get in touch any time.

Let's go to work in 2018!
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