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Published by
Ivan Levison, Direct Response Copywriting

August, 2008
Volume: 23 Number: 8

PURLs of wisdom for direct marketers

Like all marketers, you want to generate hot leads for your business. So you create an
irresistible offer for prospects – a fabulous brochure loaded with valuable information
that prospects can download from your Web site.

In order to promote the downloadable brochure, you launch a two-pronged marketing
effort. You send an email to your list and also mail them a killer direct mail package.

In the email and the letter, you drive them to a URL (Web address) and explain that
they can download your must-read brochure from your Web site.

If you’re sending everybody to the same URL, you may be missing out on a huge
opportunity. You see, more and more marketers are boosting response rates by using
PURLs or Personal URLs. (They’re also known as microsites or personal websites.)

When you put PURL technology to work, you won’t have to send a generic URL like:

So download your free brochure at

Instead, you can create a distinct PURL for every single person in your database.
So a letter to bill jacobson could say:

So download your free brochure at

In other words, prospects see their names as part of the URL! And that’s just for starters.
PURL technology allows you to track responses better than ever and personalize the
user experience on an individualized

Web site.

How does all this work? Let me refer you to some resources that you might want to check out:




By the way, I have no business relationship with these companies nor have I ever
worked with them. I just thought these Web sites can explain PURLs in more depth
than I can in the Levison Letter.

Next time you have to write a lead generation letter or email for a PURL campaign,
or any other purpose, give
me a call and let’s talk!

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