Ivan Levison —
Direct Mail, E-mail and Advertising Copywriting

I write profit-building e-mail for Intuit, Adobe, Intel,
Asymetrix, 3Com, Real Networks,
and other great companies.

Here’s how I can start making money for you . . .

If you want to use e-mail to generate leads, build customer loyalty, up-sell, cross-sell, or just plain sell-sell, give me a call and let’s talk.

You see, I should be the person writing your next e-mail letter.

Why is it so important to have me on your creative team?

Because e-mail copywriting poses very special challenges and it’s extremely important to handle all the details correctly!

That’s why Intuit, Adobe, Intel, Asymetrix, 3Com, Real Networks, and other forward-looking companies count on me to write their e-mail. And why I should write your next e-mail campaign.

If you’re writing e-mail sales letters yourself, or are hiring an inexperienced copywriter to handle this important task, you may be making an enormous mistake.

Does the person writing your e-mail know the pitfalls that await the unwary?

Do they spend hours collecting and analyzing high-tech e-mail campaigns and honing their cyberwriting technique?

Well, let me tell you . . . I do. And all my expertise, knowledge, and over twenty-five years of copywriting experience are available to you now. And at a price you’ll discover is surprisingly affordable.

But enough generalities. Let me tell you specifically why you need me to write your prospecting e-mail letters, upgrades, service contract renewals, cross-sells, "early bird" offers, "time is running out" reminders -- you name it.

I can help you develop a winning offer. E-mail offers should be handled differently than direct mail offers. (Screw up your offer and you’ll be wasting money big time!)
  I understand the e-mail environment. Communicating by e-mail is VERY different than communicating by conventional direct mail. The tone is different, the formatting options are different, the length is different, and the experience of the reader is different. The person writing your e-mail has to understand this!
  I know how to handle the "SUBJECT" line properly. Does this sound like a minor point? It isn’t. The wrong SUBJECT treatment can cut your response rate by over 60%! The SUBJECT line is like teaser copy on an envelope. If you want to get your e-mail opened, you’d better get it right!
  I know how to exploit the synergy between your e-mail and Web site. When you drive readers to your Web site, should they wind up immediately at an order page, or should they seek additional information? Do you know the magic two sentences on the order page can dramatically boost sales? I have answers to important questions like these and will be delighted to share them with you when we begin work!

One final point . . .

With all the (justifiable) focus on the Web these days, it is all too easy to forget what an important part of cyber-marketing e-mail really is. Believe me, a powerful e-mail letter that motivates readers and causes them to act, can mean a lot of extra profit-dollars in your pocket.

Give me a call at (415) 461-0672 and let’s talk about how I can start writing money-making e-mail for you.


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