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Living on Pretzel Time


April, 2010

You think living on Internet time is tough?

Try living on pretzel time.

I did last Saturday. You see, I was at the local Cineplex, watching The Ghost Writer, when I started to get really hungry. (Like an idiot I had skipped breakfast and lunch.)

Sitting there in the dark, I reasoned that if I raced out to the lobby, quickly bought a pretzel, and sprinted back to my seat, I wouldn't miss too much of the movie.

So I waited for a slow, talky scene to start, then I made my move. Like a shot, I bolted from my seat and dashed for the lobby. I expected to shout my order to the kid behind the counter, grab my salty prize, and hotfoot it back to my seat.

It was not to be. You see, the lobby was jammed with a big crowd waiting to get in to see How To Train Your Dragon. Which meant there was a long, long line at the refreshment counter, and I was in big trouble.

Starvation was not an option, so I joined the line. Behind the guy who slowwwwwwwwly ordered his unspeakable hot dog. Behind the endless kids figuring out whether they really wanted butter on their popcorn.

It was hell. The people in line were in no rush at all. Hey, they had a movie history slide show quiz and four trailers to sit through. But for me, living on the edge, living on pretzel time, every second spent in the lobby with those indecisive morons meant I was missing my movie.

I couldn't very well start screaming, "I want a pretzel and I want it NOW!" (People were already picking up on some signs of severe agitation.) So I waited endlessly till I got my precious pretzel, and then, assisted by a massive adrenaline rush, sprinted back to my seat.

If you're a marketer, these days you probably feel like you're living on pretzel time too. You feel like you want to move really quickly, but no matter how fast you go, it's never fast enough.

You know what I mean. We all have so much we want to accomplish, so much darned work to complete, that we're all hurried and harried. That's why I think we have to maintain focus. We have to try to do a few things right instead of a thousand things in a half-baked way.

Let's talk about Web sites. There are many, many things that deserve attention, but if you're pressed, how about making sure you do these three crucial things correctly:

1. Make sure your home page is a winner. As you know, the organization and "atmosphere" you create on your home page is critical. So don't worry about providing detailed bios of your key people or any of the other frills, until you've got a home page you're happy with.

Is your home page simple and clear? Does it do a good job of instantly communicating your true corporate personality? These are things worth spending your precious time on.

2. Make sure you're delivering quality content. Better a little bit of useful content than several tons of brochureware. Visitors to your site want information they can use, not a lot of puffery.

Sure you've got to sell your product or service, but don't forget to provide something of true value to your visitors.

3. Make sure you're building an ongoing relationship with visitors. Don't let visitors to your site poke around anonymously, then disappear into the void forever. Think hard about how you can establish an ongoing relationship with them that ultimately turns into a sale.

The take-away message this month?

If you're a Web marketer who's pressed for time and resources (and who isn't!), stay focused on the most important Web site success factors. Living on Internet time, or pretzel time, isn't fun, but you can still do just fine if you pay attention to what really matters.

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